Art and music night at liberty international school

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Hello everyone! My name is Gao Haotian, a new research student in the
Empowerment lab. We were fortunate to receive such a wonderful invitation
from Kinoshita Sensei, to attend the art and music night at liberty international


The students and teachers prepared wonderful performances such as choral
singing, dancing, and instrumental ensembles. Afterward, it ended with a tour
of the school, and course refreshments.


We appreciate that we can get such a precious opportunity to join this special
event at liberty international school. Thanks to Kinoshita sensei who gave us
this chance and also thanks to all the students and sensei in the school to
prepare this wonderful show and delicious food.

(Students' heartfelt paintings)

(Me, Yolanda, and her son in front of the school classroom)

This special event benefited us a lot in that we learned how an international school
works and how it practices the educational empowerment of children.

Welcome party on 19th October

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Hello everyone, I’m Gao Haotian, a new research student of empowerment lab.
I am glad to write this blog to share the welcome party on 19th October with you.

The welcome party was to celebrate Huang Lujiao san and Gao Haotian had been
arrive in Japan successfully and join our jab. We also had a guest Li Shuanghong
san to attend the party.

First of all, Anme sensei was very happy that Li Shuanghong san can attend the
party to share the joy, and also glad to see Huang san and Gao can join our lab.

Then, members welcomed the arrival of Huang san and Gao. And hope Huang san
and Gao can make wonderful research and progress with the members.

Meanwhile, Huang san and Gao brought some snacks in Sichuan/Chongqing style
as a gift to lab members.


We are happy to see our empowerment family is getting stronger and more powerful
and hope to make more contributions to health and empowerment research field together.

Future Empowerment Cafe on 13th October

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Hello everyone. I’m Zhang Zhizhen, a freshman of empowerment lab, recording
today’s cafe as a blog for our lab.

The topic of today’s cafe is Pretending Others for a Living: Empowerment Produced
through Acting. It is a great honor to invite actor Mr. Ibaraki Woderu as our presenter.
And thanks to Watanabe-sensei’s wonderful hosting, today’s cafe was a complete success.

We may be encouraged or affected by movies and dramas sometimes in our daily
life but hardly ever have chance to know how’s everything going from an actor’s
perspective until Mr. Ibaraki Woderu has generously shared his backstory and
spiritual journey with us. Mr. Ibaraki Woderu encountered many setbacks during
the time he growing up. He wasn’t good at sports once in primary school but
later turned to be a basketball team member in his middle school time. He wasn’t
satisfied with his own appearance due to negative attitude of his school mates
and once even tried to shave his bushy eyebrows by himself. But now he dedicates
himself into acting career since his 20s, which also was not expected to do well
by his father at first.

As an actor, Mr. Ibaraki Woderu’s journey forward is not always smooth. He keeps
on a diet most of time and also gets used to watch a lot of movies and dramas to
obtain inspiration from other actors’ performance for the sake of his audition.
From another point of view, said by Mr. Ibaraki Woderu, having roles in those
plays also instructs and encourages him to deal with his own life, for example
he learns a lot how to empathize other people and how to get along well with
his family members just from his deeply thinking when acting.

It is quite unfamiliar but fancy, not only for Mr. Ibaraki Woderu but also for us
attendees, to view our life in variety of perspectives through imagining pretending

The acting jobs helped Mr. Ibaraki Woderu to grow inside significantly while
brought inspiration to us. Keeping a diary is like talking with his past or future
selves, Mr. Ibaraki Woderu expressed, he can feel himself quite changed through
reading those past diaries. It is much better for our mental health to see the
past selves positively than just to deny their existence. Through fictitious
characters, the actor has saw some real life problems. His account of actors’
working environment, variety of characters and colleagues just comes in their
way, has created an unusual perspective for us to learn an actor’s life-work
balance, further more to learn how to achieve inner peace as a member in our society.

At the end of the cafe, Mr. Ibaraki Woderu answered a few questions of our
attendees, and then host Watanabe-sensei gave a short summary. It was a
really nice conversation to broaden our horizon.


We all looking forward to next Future Empowerment Cafe.