Joining the summer lecture for child care professionals

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Hello, everyone. I'm Pei, a research student from the empowerment lab.
It's my honor to attend today's lecture and share what I learned with you.

This lecture’s theme is "Introduction to parent support and parenting・Child
raising empowerment,” hosted by Anme sensei.

Today, we review the basic content of empowerment, and learn the conceptual
knowledge of early childhood education and development. We also use the
workshop to apply what we have learned. Taking the videos of kindergartens
as an example, we learn how to use the logical structure of empowerment to
analyze the research on early childhood education and development appropriately.

In today's lecture, I am impressed by three main points of developmental
check, including discovering differences, searching for balance, and improving
constantly. I think that if we want to achieve good education for children,
caring parents, responsible caregivers, and a good environment are indispensable.

We learned a lot today and look forward to the next time!

Blog of party on 20th July

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Hello, everyone. I'm Pei, a research student from the empowerment
lab. It’s my honor to share this happy moment with you.

We are delighted to receive gifts from Watanabe sensei and Kumi senpai
during the Zhongyuan Festival. While enjoying food and drinks,
we also exchange recent research experiences and exciting information.
Everyone is happy and peaceful.

We are very grateful to Watanabe sensei and Kumi senpai for their
summer gifts.

Future Empowerment Cafe on 15th July

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Hello, everyone. I'm Pei, a research student in the empowerment
lab. It’s my honor to attend and record this cafe.

Today's cafe is "Think about LGBTQ,” hosted by Shimizu sensei.

As the host of this cafe, Shimizu sensei starts with the concept of
explaining the meaning of each letter of LGBTQ. He makes a
questionnaire survey to the participants, and the survey finds a lot of
LGBTQ participants, which shows that the LGBTQ group is becoming
larger and larger. Then Shimizu sensei launches an attention test on the
participants, which again shows that people look at the world in
different ways and characteristics and confirms the rationality of
the existence of LGBTQ. After that, Shimizu sensei introduces
himself in detail and describes his life experience as a transgender
person. He explicitly explains the concept of transgender so that
everyone understands this group more deeply.

In addition, Shimizu sensei emphasizes the issues that need to
be considered regarding transgender. Firstly, there must be risk
awareness, including changes in their health, enduring other
people's criticism and unfriendly attitude, and accepting the
differences brought about by gender change. Secondly, the
social environment is still not good. At present, LGBTQ needs
appropriate care from society. For LGBTQ themselves, a
little pressure is also a good thing. In this way, they can constantly
adapt to life and culture, making them strong physically and mentally.
Thirdly, consideration is critical. Because people have different
experiences and positions, their views on things are also different.
Although society cannot fully accept LGBTQ, what’s more, important
is how LGBTQ views the world and themselves. LGBTQ can take
their new selves and enjoy life calmly while feeling their changes,
which is essential.

Shimizu sensei also talks about his experiences, including being
discriminated against and bullied by his classmates at school
and being transgender the company does not hire. However,
Shimizu sensei’s choice to face his choices and overcome
subsequent problems is precious. His advice to LGBTQ people
is to constantly hone themselves and enjoy a new life while
accepting themselves.
After that, some participants who do not fully understand the
concept of LGBTQ carefully ask Shimizu sensei about the
types and details of LGBTQ. And Some participants express
concern about the current social environment because most
people do not know or recognize this group very well. In this
regard, Shimizu sensei says that society needs to adapt and
accept LGBTQ slowly and, more critically, LGBTQ's acceptance
of themselves. When talking about the suggestions for children's
growth, Shimizu sensei thinks children should be allowed to
grow up freely. Children should be allowed to choose what they
like, whether the color of clothes or the type of toys, rather
than considering that only boys or girls can use them.

Shimizu sensei's tortuous experience and positive attitude
towards life inspire us. It is respectable to make significant
decisions independently, move forward without regret, and
face difficulties directly. Although the environment and others'
views may be unfriendly, the most important thing is how you
regard yourself.

We learned a lot today and look forward to the next time!

Health Promotion Lecture on 12th July

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Hello, everyone. I'm Pei, a research student in the empowerment lab.
It’s my honor to attend and record this lecture.

Today's lecture is about "Health promotion in early childhood," hosted by Li.

First of all, based on WHO's the definition of health, Li san introduced
the relevant content of health promotion, including the definition, basic
strategy, and priority activities of health promotion—then, guided by the
assumption of early childhood development, Li san described in detail the
relevant content of early childhood empowerment, including the basic theory,
the empowerment environment and its structure of evaluation. In addition,
with the help of colorful illustrations in empowerment picture books and the
cute doll symbolizing empowerment, Li san made everyone feel the magic and
significance of empowerment.

This lecture taught us how to describe the structure of health promotion and
the critical empowerment points in early childhood.

We all enjoy it and look forward to the next time.

Welcome party on 6th July

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Hello, everyone! I'm Pei, a research student in the empowerment lab.
And today I am very glad to share the welcome party with you.

The welcome party was held in our empowerment lab (offline).
The new members include all those who successfully arrived at
the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

Our new members include:
Zhao Ruifeng (China)
Yang Mengjiao (China)
Yuan Xinyi (China)
Smarika Shrestha (Nepal)
Pei Yu (China)
WeChat Image_20220708101144
First of all, as the parent of our empowerment lab, Anme sensei was
very happy to have new members join the big family of our lab, warmly
welcomed the new members, and expressed their expectations for
the future. Then, the new members took turns expressing their feelings
and plans. And the seniors expressed their encouragement and support
for the new members. We believe that under the guidance of Anme sensei,
our professional research ability will continue to improve, thus contributing
to empowering science.