Smile Action Study Meeting on 17th Jun

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Hello, everyone. I'm Pei, a research student of the empowerment
lab. It’s my honor to attend and record this meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the host and Anme sensei gave
a brief speech. Then, everyone had a simple and friendly exchange.
Then the meeting officially began.

The first part was an hour of presentation. Everyone had a 15-minute
topic presentation, including a 10-minute speech and a 5-minute
question and answer session. In today's topic presentation, Watanabe
sensei on Joso Happy project, Kido-sensei on Empowerment for child
care professionals, Li san on COVID-19 and child social development,
and Yan san on patterns of social development and importance of raring
environment. And others raised many profound and meaningful questions
on different topics and details they didn’t understand, which the
speakers carefully answered.

The second part was that each group presented the annual
plan report for 2022 in turn. The contents were divided into five
categories, including the skills improvement team of team members;
the professional skills improvement team in the field of child care,
education, health care, and well-being; the team to carry out publicity
and popularization activities for the seminar; the team of creating
practice basis and indicator development; and the formulation and
practice of plans. Each group's goal was specific, and each item
was clear and definite.

The third part was the time of free exchange of information,
such as young carer, work life balance, etc. According to the
theme of today's study meeting, the contents of different topics,
and the annual plan of each group, everyone discussed and exchanged
views. As for the details of some research designs in the program,
it was considered that further implementation might be required before
confirmation. In a word, All participants think that the topics presented
and the plans of each group are very significant, and we believe that
breakthroughs will be made through future research.

We all enjoyed it today and look forward to the next one!