Welcome party on 11th April

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With the severity of the COVID-19, please take good Care of yourself.

Hello, everyone! I am Wang Mengxuan, a first-year Ph.D. student
in our Empowerment Science Lab. And today I am glad to share
the welcome party with you.

Our new members are:
Yuri Nurdiantami (Indonesia)
Hilda (Indonesia)
Kanako Yoshida (Japan)
Yukie Kobayashi (Japan)
Zhao Ruifeng (China)
Wang Mengxuan (China)
Yang Mengjiao (China)
Yuan Xinyi (China)
Smarika Shrestha (Nepal)


We are now a big family from all over the world.

After our empowerment seminar, the welcome party started.
Due to the special period of the COVID-19, some numbers
have to use video to see and talk to each other. But it didn't
diminish our enthusiasm. We are pumped to welcome all new
members and give our best wishes to them.


In addition, under the guidance of the professor Anme, we talk
about our future plan, which helped us think a lot and believe
that everyone will playtheir greatest potential in the future.