4th Empowerment Café on 24th Feb

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Hello everyone, I’m Pei, a research student in Anme sensei's empowerment lab. It's my
honor to record this Cafe.

Today's Cafe is presented by Harada Naoki sensei, with the title "understanding and
support for school non-attendance children: child and parent empowerment by the school".
And it mainly includes three parts.
The first part is about the current situation of school non-attendance. Sensei first clarifies
the definition of "school non-attendance", and lists the number and changes of students not
attending school in Japan in 2020. At the same time, through the domestic statistical survey
data, it is found that listlessness and anxiety are one of the main reasons of it.

The second part is about the problem of school non-attendance. In this part, sensei mainly
lists many problems in the follow-up survey, including the selection of respondents and cycle,
and the recovery rate of questionnaire. Then, by comparing the views of teachers, guardians
and children, sensei explains that people from different positions have different views on the
reasons for school non-attendance. At the same time, parents and children also have different
views on support needs. In addition, sensei also explains "the function of school non-attendance
and family" and "the depressed state of guardians".

The third part discusses how to support school non-attendance. In terms of family, we
should take children and their families as the objects of support, take a clear understanding
of the basic situation of children as the premise of support, and pay attention to the physical
and mental status of guardians during support. At the same time, sensei also discusses the
advantages of school non-attendance. This view is novel and can provide different ideas for
guardians. In addition, the cooperation between school teachers and institutions outside the
school is also of great significance to support school non-attendance. What’s more, we can
also change the support mode. It means on the premise of clarifying the purpose of school
non-attendance support, we can consider supporting them from different fields.
From this Cafe, I learn the basic situation of school non-attendance in Japan in recent years,
and the views of different groups on them. At the same time, I think it put forward innovative
support methods, which provide a new way to support the action of school non-attendance in
the future.

We learn a lot today and look forward to the next time!

The workshop with Tobishima young staffs and meeting with health professionals

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Hello, everyone. I’m Zhao Ruifeng, a research student from empowerment science
lab. I hope you are all keeping well. Today, I am very pleased to share with you the
workshop and meeting with Tobishima yang staffs and professionals.

February 3 and 4, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were only able to meet online
with the staff in Tobishima village. The meeting began at 10 a.m. First is the opening
introduction of the section chief. Then Anme sensei gave her cordial greetings and
asked the participants to introduce themselves,
including everyone's name and “My Boom”, which means hobby and favorite things.

Anme sensei asked everyone to express their opinions and put forward at least 10
suggestions for the better development of the Tobishima and indicate the S-points
and C-points in the suggestions. In the following workshop time, our group members
put forward a variety of meaningful suggestions with practical value. After that, each
group began to prepare to publish feedback for further detailed discussion. The title
of our feedback is 「魅力あふれる 生きがいづくりは飛島で!」In addition, there are
various new and interesting ideas such as the use of robots and SNS, the creation
of Tobishima brand, and the enhancement of communication and responsibility. Jiao
san made a Powerpoint Slide for presentation after the discussion in Tsukuba Online
Group, and present it in a public discussion starting at 13:00.


Next, Anme sensei made a vivid analogy, the goal to achieve is a flower of the dream,
and the required resources are leaves. And new subjects have been proposed, we need
to talk about what resources are needed to blossom. Our group mainly discussed the
ollowing questions: What kind of resources do we have now and how do we utilize the
existing resources? We don't have it now, but what resources do we need from now on?
Everyone gave their own answers independently. Later in the workshop, Anme sensei
asked everyone to discuss their plans for the next five years according to their suggestions
and made beautiful posters. Finally, everyone expressed their feelings about the workshop
in turn, and the Tobishima section leader made the final summary. Tobishima staff submitted
their suggestions and the S-point and C-point by filling out questionnaires.


I deeply appreciated the charm of Teamwork in this workshop. While exchanging opinions
with my peers, I broaden my thought and horizon and learned to look at problems from all
sides. I learned a lot from everyone's suggestions and it was a very meaningful experience
for me. We all enjoyed the workshop today and look forward to the next one!