Empowerment lab visited Kokurakita-fureai child care center

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Hi, everyone. I’m Li, the fist year first student in empowerment lab. We visited
the Kokurakita-fureai child care center on 27th, December.
Firstly, Sakai-sensei kindly gave us an introduction about the care and education
in the child care center. Sakai-sensei emphasized that the important role of child
learning from play in the care and education. Secondly, Sakai-sensei showed us
the environment in the child care centers. We were impressed by the warm, free
inquisitive and friendly childcare environment, hand-make toys made by professionals,
interesting activities both in the winter and summer, and the professional childcare.
Then, we discussed the co-creative well-being tool observation version for children
which was in the developing stage together. Sakai-sensei kindly and professionally
shared us with how to improve the tool from practice perspective. Lastly, Sakai-sensei
answered many questions from us about childcare.
Through this experience, we have learned a lot of childcare knowledge from the
practice perspective. Everyone was impressed by the smiles from the children and
professionals in the childcare centers. Thank you again, Sakai-sensei, this experience
will be our important and warm memory in this beautiful winter.

The 2nd Childcare Power-up Workshop on 17th Dec

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Hi, everyone. I’m Wang Mengxuan, a research student from empowerment
science lab.
The weather has become cold recently, I hope you are all well. Today, it’s
my honor to share discussion meeting for the Childcare powerup workshop
with you.
The main theme of the Empowerment café on December 17th is “About
dissemination and enlightenment promotion of HOP (child development support
Firstly, Hashigaya-sensei introduced how to use the HOP system, which can
help caregivers record the children's situation in detail. And this system can
be connected to Tokyo Hospital so that doctors can more accurately guide
caregivers to take care of children. This system is very simple, and we can
understand it easily. Secondly, Tanaka-sensei discussed about the video of
childcare profession and children. In order for the video to be seen by more
people and arouse interest, the duration of the video cannot be too long. Then
Tanaka-sensei has won the opinions of all the sensei on the content of the
video and the existing problems.
At the end, Kido-sensei shared the empowerment picture book, which is very
cute. She also talks about the gentle atmosphere between the children after
they read the picture book, which proves that our picture book really has a
great effect. Afterwards, Tanaka-sensei discussed the current problems of
empowerment picture books, such as how to let more children see picture
books, etc.
All in all, it’s my honor to attend this meeting, and I also feel the love of sensei
for children. For me, the help of the HOP system for children made me understand
that it is necessary to learn how to use it, and the picture book made me realize
the power of empowerment.
I am looking forward to next meeting.