Welcome, Aima to join our lab!

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Welcome, Aima to join our lab!

Ammara's one-month daughter firstly come to our lab.
She has been studying for ten-month with her mother's Ph.D. thesis!
We are so happy with her!

The 34th Health Social Conference

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Hello everyone, it’s Liu Yang, a 1st-year Ph.D. student from
empowerment science laboratory. Today, I am here to share
with you about our 34th Health Social Conference that held
on 2nd October. As the Covid-19 infection rate is still high in
Japan, we are organizing and participating in this conference
In this conference, we learned about the development of
artificial intelligence, its fields of application, and ways to
apply it in the medical field. I feel that AI has great value in
this information age. It can be combined with education to
create more efficient education, and with healthcare to
promote health enhancement. The combination of AI and
health enhancement is a new research direction, but it will
be a very valuable blue ocean of research and will promote
complementarity between different disciplines.
Next, everyone shared their research result, and we learned
a lot of interesting academic ideas from other professionals
during the discussion.
Especially, congratulations to Li san won the award for the best
presentation today.
We then discussed further ways in which artificial intelligence
can be used in health care and medicine, which gave us a better
understanding of artificial intelligence and further clarified future
frontier research directions.
We all enjoyed the conference today and look forward to the next one!