Empowerment get together"on 28th Aug. 2021

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Hello everyone, I am Wingy Lai , a 1st year master’s student
who belongs to the Empowerment laboratory. Today, I
am going to write about the memorable get together
program which was held on yesterday, was organized by
our beloved empowerment laboratory. The get together
program was held on online due the COVID-19 pandemic
In today’s get together discussion, every scholar from
different area talked about their situations during this
COVID-19 situation and how they are dealing with it.
Besides, we have received much information on how to live
in harmony in corona times. Bad communication between
oneself in the household can have a negative impact on
our children. Use positive language. The more we practice
modeling peaceful, loving relationships for our children
the more secure and loved they will feel. Praise makes
others feel appreciated and good about themselves.
In the second part, we first enjoyed the old photos of the
lab, which brought back our good memories. In addition,
each of us prepared food , and introduced to
everyone through the lens. Some members prepared PPT
elaborately, introduced the special food and food culture
of their hometown to us. In this activity, we also met the
seniors who graduated from our lab, we had a cordial

At the end of the activity, Anme-sensei made a summary
of this empowerment get together activity. Even though
we can not meet face to face because of the COVID-19,
we had a happy time full of memories through ZOOM, and
I look forward to seeing you soon!

Empowerment café on 27th Aug

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With the growing severity of COVID-19, our daily has been
greatly affected. This will inevitably mean big changes to
our normal activities and routines. Let’s stay safe and sound.
Hello everyone, I am Qian, a 1st year master student in the
Empowerment Lab. And today I’m glad to share the Empowerment
Café with you.
The main theme of today’s café is “To develop childcare
education that fosters autonomy”. The training keywords of
today are team work and empowerment. The goal of this
training is to learn support method which is based on children,
parents, and professionals. Achieve high-quality childcare,
utilize tools, and increase support capabilities. Firstly, using
examples as clues, while making full use of "subjective childcare
education practice", while discussing "subjective childcare
education practice". Support based on five aspects: "Development
Evaluation", "Childcare Education Environment Evaluation",
"Support Evaluation that Closes to Children's Trouble", "Childcare
and Childcare Environment Evaluation" and "Social Skill Evaluation".
Secondly, participants are divided in different groups and discuss
how to design the support method. Design goals, understand the
current situation, explore the background, consider the specific
support content in practice, and confirm the evidence for support.
At the end, we discussed different situations that we may face in
using support in practice. There are still many aspects which need
to be considered. All in all, it’s my honor to attend the café today.
I am also appreciated that I have learnt a lot of professional knowledge.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, everyone’s life has been greatly
affected, especially the children face more challenges. As a member
of public health, I hope we can empower children and support
them, let them group up healthily.
Let us look forward to the next empowerment café!