Empowerment café on 28th Jun.

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As the rainy season is here, and with summer around the
corner. Let’s stay cool and safe.
Hello everyone I am Yolanda Graca, a 1st year Ph.D.
student in the Empowerment Lab.
Today I’m happy to share the blog for Empowerment
Café for Childcare Power-up Workshop. With the main
target being Professionals, supporters, training school
leaders, government officials, etc. who want to think
about and put into practice the children's independent
play and learning.
The Training keywords:
Empowerment, independence, childcare environment,
quality of involvement, competency improvement of
childcare education profession (competence building).
Training theme:
1st "Reading the childcare environment that fosters
independence-Toward the utilization of empowerment
support tools"
One of the topics was self-improvement of professionals
and supporters related to children, with aim of by participating
in the training, participants will be encouraged to change their
own behavior and aim to improve their expertise.
It also focused on to practice of childcare education based
on evidence. Utilizing the tools of the Childcare Power-up
Study Group, "Development Evaluation", "Childcare
Education Environment Evaluation", "Support Evaluation
that Closes to Children's Trouble", "Childcare and Childcare
Environment Evaluation", "Relationship Index", and "Social
Skill Evaluation" And learn how to utilize childcare education
based on evidence.
With such café we can learn how to keep making a world
of possibilities for the future generation.
Let us look forward to the next Empowerment café workshop!