Surprise birthday party for Anme-sensei

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The weather is getting rainy these days, I hope everything
is going well.

Everyone! I am Liu , a 1st year Ph.D student in our
Empowerment Lab.

I believe everyone feels the same as me. We are very lucky
to be in Empowerment Lab. We not only learned professional
knowledge, but also strengthened logic, leadership and
broadened our horizons. We are very grateful to the Anme-
sensei. So, on this special day, we prepared a surprise
birthday party for Anme-sensei.

After the weekly seminar, we took out a greeting card to
Anme-sensei., which wrote each of us’s blessings to the
her and gave her a beautiful coffee cup as a gift. Ryoji
Shinohara-sensei, Yuka Sugisawa-sensei, Yuichi Watanabe
-sensei and Taeko Watanabe-sensei gave a Edo Kiriko glass,
and Emiko Tanaka-sensei, Yuko Sawada-sensei, Etsuko Tomisaki
-sensei and Yoko Onda-san gave a beautiful umbrella as a gift.
Some members cannot come to the lab because of the epidemic.
Tong Lian-senpai, Cunyean Kim-senpai, Hiroatsuzawa-senpai,
Matsumoto-san, Zhuzhu-san and Lai-san attended the party via
online. Kumi Watanabe-senpai and Tao Xiaoyue-senpai recorded
the videos to send blessings to Anme-sensei. In addition, Anme
-sensei received a rose wall hanging from seniors who have
graduated. Let’s us thank Kumi Watanabe, yukio mochizuki,
Keiko Kato, Ayaka Kamata, Miki Sakata, Hanae Ito, Chihiro Sano,
Toshino Tomomi, Tsubota Aya, hiromi arakawa, Bailiang Wu, Sun
YunXin, Zhuzhu, Wennychen, Yuri Nurdiantami, Hilda Meiryandah,
Ouyang Lingling, Yeany, Zhao He, YuHuijuan, Sun Jingying,
Jiang Junyu, Liu Haihan, Wei Chen, Chen Panpan, Tao Xiaoyue,
Cui Xiao, Sana Boutefnouchet, Chen Xiaoyu, Li Xiang-senpai.

After the blessings, everyone shared the cake and took photos
in a joyful atmosphere. And Thanks again for Kumi-senpai’s
vegetable juice. It's very delicious.

This is an unforgettable day, I hope everyone can continue
to be happy in the future.