Congratulation party for graduation on 25th Mar

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Hello everyone!
I'm Qian. It's my honor to share this special day with you.
As the tradition of Tsukuba University, March 25th is the
graduation ceremony. It’s really romantic to graduate
when sakuras are in full bloom. But because of the coronavirus
disease, this year's graduation ceremony can only be attended
by graduate student. After our empowerment seminar, we
held a congratulation party for graduate master Li and
master Xiao to congratulate their graduation without cake
and drink for prevention of COVID.

At the party, Anme sensei and other members all sent the
best wish to them. They also expressed their feelings for
the past two years. There are too many precious moments.
A lot of memorable, valuable experience in daily lives and
study. They did appreciate for the guidance from teacher
and thank for others’ help.

Later, the lab members gave them a graduation gift and
a greeting card full of everyone's blessings. They also gave
the teacher a brooch from China, thanking the teacher for
his care and guidance.

Finally, we shared the Shizuoka Crown Melon, which was
a present from Suzuki-sama. It was so delicious, thank
you very much! From now on master Li and master Xiao
will start a new journey in their life. Distance doesn’t
mean separation; the longing feeling remains the same
no matter how far it is. We will always support them.