Empowerment cafe workshop on 10th Jan.

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With the severity of the COVID-19, please take good care
of yourself.

Hello, everyone!I am Liu Yang, a research student in our
Empowerment Science Lab. And today I am glad to share
the empowerment seminar and café with you.

In the morning, we had a seminar and discussed the
following issues in detail:
1. Regarding health concerns related to children's worries
2. Public relations progress report.
3. The work plan of next year.
4. About the progress of the revised version of childcare
power-up course.
5. Empowerment Popularization Strategy.
After an hour of rest, we started our empowerment café.
This empowerment café workshop’s theme is Health and
Safety&Teamwork and Empowerment.

Firstly, Anme-sensei addressed the meeting. And then
Anme-sensei introduced the definition of “Professional”.
Professional means a person who stimulates the greatest
potential of others in daily life and provides others with
the most healthy and prosperous way of life. Professional
contains three elements: Philosophy(Best interests of the
parties), Empowerment and Teamwork.

Secondly, Kido-sensei and Sakai-sensei introduced
the health concerns of preschool children. Oota-sensei
introduced the Health Concern for School-age
Children. Ninomiya-sensei introduced the efforts to
address the health crisis in health centers.
Takenouchi-sensei introduced the efforts to address
the health crisis in medical institutions.

Thirdly, After all the speeches, we had a great discussion
so that we can discuss today’s topic more deeply.
Finally, Anme-sensei made a summary of empowerment
café workshop. In this meeting, I really realized the
importance of Empowerment and Teamwork. Only by
practicing constantly can we make better use of
knowledge and competence.

let’s looking forward to seeing again at next empowerment