Empowerment café on 2nd Dec. 2020

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Hello, everyone. I am Zhu Yantong, a PHD student in our
Empowerment Science Lab. And today I am glad to share
the empowerment café with you.
This café was given by Serizawa Takanari sensei and the
theme is Community power empowers students——Use
empowerment to communicate with young people as
teaching materials.
Firstly, Anme-sensei addressed the meeting. And then
Serizawa Takanari sensei introduced his research
experience and the development directions of higher
education policy in recent years. For these trends,
Shukutoku University has also formulated corresponding
training programs.

Secondly, Serizawa Takanari sensei described the project
on community empowerment. Students who participated
in the project were invited to express their opinions.
Subsequently, a detailed case on the two-way effect of
regional construction and education was introduced.

At the end of the meeting, we put many questions to
Serizawa Takanari sensei. In this meeting, we had a better
understand about community empowerment and how to
empower students.

Let us look forward to the next empowerment café
workshop on 10th Jan. 2021!