Welcome party on 24th. Nov

.24 2020 未分類 comment(0) trackback(0)
Hello, everyone. I am Wang Yanlin, the research student
in our empowerment sciences laboratory. Our new
number is Yolanda Graça, who is a doctor from Angola
and aims to empower Angola’s Health system and Africa.

After our weekly empowerment seminar, the welcome
cake party has started. Due to the special period of
the COVID-19, some numbers have to use video to
see and talk to each other. But it didn't diminish our
enthusiasm. We are pumped to welcome Yolanda-san
and give our best wishes to her.

Everyone share their happiness and pleasure to meet
Yolanda-san and we are looking forward to learning
together in our lab in the future. Anme-seisen also gave
her warm blessings and empower all of us to do the best.