Welcome party on October 20th

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Hello, everyone. I am Zhu Zhu, a PHD student in our
Empowerment Science Lab. Our new number is Alpona
Afsari Banu from Bangladesh, who is a doctor by
This is a special welcome cake party in October because
of the COVID-19. However, we give our best wishes to
the new number face by face or on line.
After our empowerment seminar, we start our welcome
cake party. Everyone share the happiness and pleasure
to meet Afsari-san and we are looking forward to learning
together in our lab. Anme-seisen also gave her kindly
comments and wishes and empower all of us to do the
The most special thing is that today is also our member
Li-san’s birthday. Everyone said happy birthday to Li-san
and Li-san gave his precious blessing to us.

Empowerment cafe on 09th Oct. 2020

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With autumn coming, the weather is getting cold, please
take good care of yourself.

Hello everyone! I am Zhu, and I am very glad to share
the empowerment café with you!This empowerment
café was given by Kenji Takehara sensei and the theme
is Fathers also needs support〜Father empowerment
while raising children.
图片 1
To begin with, Takehara sensei introduced the reason
and significance of supporting the father. Lack of support
for fathers before and after childbirth can have long-term
or short-term effects on fathers, families, and society.
Effective support is conducive to reducing mothers’
parenting pressure and promoting the development of
Secondly, Takehara sensei described the historical
development between father and childcare. As time
goes by, more and more attention is paid to the support
of the father.
What’s more, Takehara sensei set out that health care
workers and childcare workers supported the father in
different ways and discussed whether and what support
the father needs.

Finally, we put many questions to Takehara sensei. This
meeting made everyone better understand the role of
fathers in raising children and the support of fathers.
Let’s look forward to the next empowerment café on