Tsukuba Global Science Week (TGSW) on 30th Sep. 2020

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29th September, 2020
‘Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never
Wake me up when September ends.’ -----
Green Day

Hello everyone, I am Afsari, M1 student of Empowerment
sciences lab. After a long summer vacation and holidays,
I think TGSW is a warm up for everyone.

Today, I am going to write about our TGSW which means
‘Tsukuba Global Science Week’. It is a conference of
medical and life science where many researchers and
students from different countries have taken part.

I think it is great opportunity for us to learn, to know and
to think about the advancement of science and research
from different perspectives. Also, we can get a lot of
different ideas from it.
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TGSW oral session started at 12.30 in the afternoon
and ended at around 4.20PM.

Today, Zhuzhu san, one of a Phd students of our
empowerment lab participated as a presenter. She
gave a wonderful presentation about ‘Predicting peer
social skills from early daily living skill development’.
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Our lab members- Ammara san, Jiao san, Sana san
and Li san introduced us with their valuable poster
However, almost all presenters of this conference
introduced us their valuable research interest in a
wonderful and understandable way in a very short

Thank you very much for reading. Have a good day.

Empowerment cafe workshop on 27th Sep. 2020

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Hello everyone!I am Wang Yanlin, the research student
in our empowerment sciences laboratory. And today I am
glad to share the empowerment café workshop with you!

This empowerment café workshop’s theme is Professional
competence development and empowerment.

Firstly, Anme-sensei addressed the meeting. And then
Tanaka-sensei introduced the definition of the
“Empowerment” and “Competence”. Especially the
focus of this meeting——competency, which includes
the acquisition of “knowledge”, “skills”, and “practice
and reflection” . Competency can lead to practical ability
and promote the management ability and career
development ability.

Next, the most important thing is for the specific
examples, all of us can find ways to improve competency
and how it works through the analysis of specific cases.
We were divided into five groups. According to the
case, we designed the empowerment support drawings,
which included goal, background, situation, the influence
factors, support methods and foundations.
At the end of the meeting, Anme-sensei made a summary
of this empowerment café workshop and competency of
the parenting. In this meeting, I really realized the
importance of confidence between parents and children.
Only by practicing constantly can we make better use
of knowledge and competence.
At last, let’s looking forward to seeing again at next
empowerment meeting!

Graduation Party

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Hello everyone! I am Zhang, and I'm honored to share
the graduation party with you.

The summer heat has gone, and the autumn rain has
brought coolness. Autumn is the season for harvest,
and it is also a special day for us, the graduation party
for Sana-san was held today.
At the party, Sana-san expressed her feelings for the
past years studying in empowerment lab.

In this memorable years, she not only learned about
empowerment and medical knowledge, but also learned
to help others and understand others. Sana-san
expressed her deep appreciation for the training of our
teachers, and everyone was moved.
All of our members expressed our sincere blessings
and suggestions to Sana-san. We recalled the wonderful
time we spent together,and expressed our gratitude
for her help and her contribution to our lab.
Finally, everyone enjoyed a pleasant conversation while
enjoying the delicious food and cakes.

We hope they will go further and higher in their field of
work after their graduation.