"Empowerment get together"on 29th Aug. 2020

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Hello everyone, I am Afsari, a 1st year master’s student
who belongs to the Empowerment laboratory. Today, I
am going to write about the memorable get together
program which was held in yesterday, was organized by
our beloved empowerment laboratory. The get together
program was held on online due the COVID-19 pandemic

In the 1st part, there was a worthy discussion among
scholars and in the 2nd part, there held an‘Online-nomikai’
(drinking party)
In today’s get together discussion, every scholar from
different area talked about their situations during this
COVID-19 situation and how they are dealing with it.
Besides, we have received many information of corona
pandemic from various countries, especially in the child
care section.There are a lot of things which have been
changed as an effect of corona pandemic. Situations
have been changed unimaginably and along with that
human behavior, lifestyles as well as habitual facts have
also been changed a lot.
In the second part, we first enjoyed the old photos of the
lab, which brought back our good memories. In addition,
each of us prepared food or drink, and introduced to
everyone through the lens. Some members prepared PPT
elaborately, introduced the special food and food culture
of their hometown to us. In this activity, we also met the
seniors who graduated from our lab, we had a cordial
conversation. Some lovely children also appeared on the
screen, making the atmosphere warm.

At the end of the activity, Anme-sensei made a summary
of this empowerment get together activity. Even though
we can not meet face to face because of the COVID-19,
we had a happy time full of memories through ZOOM, and
I look forward to seeing you soon!

A memorable Mirai Empowerment Cafe——The Kamishibai is full of dreams!

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Hello, I am Wang Yanlin, the research student in our
empowerment sciences laboratory. I hope you are all
in good health. There was a very interesting speech
given by “Gorilla sensei”(Handa Takuya) last week on
Aug. 19th! It is my enjoyment to share this fascinating
speech with you!
“Gorilla sensei”(Handa Takuya) is a preschool teacher
and is also a Kamishibai-shi. The charm of Kamishibai
is that we can see a different world through it, which
can be called “Gifts from angels in fairy tales”.

Last week, “Gorilla sensei” gave us a speech about
how to use Kamishibai to carry dreams and bond to
preschool children. Many childcare professionals,
kindergarten teachers, students and children attended
this ZOOM meeting. At first, “Gorilla sensei” performed
several Kamishibai. These interesting stories attract
the attention of all the audiences.
After these stories, Handa Takuya sensei shared with
us his experiences and ideas about the Kamishibai and
childcare. He thought that Kamishibai, as traditional
story cards, is an effective and versatile tool to develop
children’s reading and writing skills. After that, we put
many questions to Gorilla sensei. Even though we can
not see each other in reality because of the COVID-19
epidemic, we can communicate with each other online
and have a great time!

To sum up, Kamishibai carries dreams and bond. It’s a
great tool that can be used to empower the world and
make the world of possibilities! Let’s look forward to
meeting the next empowerment cafe on ZOOM!