Online Interaction rating scale (IRS) training was held

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As an integral part of empowerment study, a workshop
has been held in zoom from 10.00- 16.00, 13th, July, 2020.
This workshop is being held in online due to the effects of
pandemic covid-19. The aim of this workshop is to utilize the
‘Interaction rating scale’ (IRS) and was conducted as pre-training
session to improve the skills in real time evaluation in the field.
IRS evaluates the sociability of children and the caregiver’s care
skill in a short time but the accuracy rate is very high.
Along with Tokie Anme sensei, other lecture instructors are
Tanaka sensei and Tomisaki sensei.
First, the greetings and introduction session are being held for
about 15 minutes initially. Emiko Tanaka sensei shared some of
her lectures video with us.
Then after a break, Tanaka sensei gave a brief overview about
observation procedure, sample case of related scene, actual
situation and evaluations using demo videos. She also talked
about behavior rating and impression rating.
After that, discussion session started. We discussed about how
the IRS scale can be used and also used in different countries
to make it more easier for the child development in future.

Congratulation for Ikeda-san's great presentation!

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Hello, I’m Lee, the M2 student in empowerment sciences lab.
As the summer approaches, the clear blue sky was dotted with
fluttering larks. I hope that you can keep on going and never
give up in this season.
Today, Ikeda-san did a great and impressive presentation on
medical evaluation presentation. He showed the wonderful research
results of “absence of counselor and feeling of childcare burden”
and also well delivered the practice of empowerment to the audience.
After the presentation, we took two wonderful photos with Ikeda-san.
We still record the beautiful flash moment although the time is transient.
There has been 6 months since Ikeda-san came to our lab. We learned
together, well communicated with each other, gave courage to each other
and had a lot of wonderful memory. Courage is the growth in the mill and
the light in the adversity.
Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.
So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness. Ikeda-san, nice to see you!
And see you, nice! We hope that you can keep striving hard and prove yourself
well with full spirits.

Guidance for the Tobishima Survey

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By Kohki Ito 7/1/2020

毎年行っている“きらり、飛島長寿研究“ のための愛知県飛島村調査のマナー