The May 10th Empowerment Meeting

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Hello, I’m Wang Yanlin, the research student in empowerment sciences
lab. I hope that you can take good care of yourself! Now I’m very glad to
share Empowerment study meeting for universalization of high-quality
child care support with you.

Because of the COVID-19, the discussions are all online by Zoom. It is the
first time we shared the morning with the empowerment meeting online.
Today is a special day.
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First, Anme-sensei addressed the meeting. And then the professionals
shared their perspectives about the revision of the evaluation index for
high-quality child care and education.
Roles and actions of us for future practice under the pandemic situation
is started next. Our support is stereoscopic making a true and effective
index to evaluate and empower child care education environment.
After a lunch-time break, the Empowerment Café started. Childcare
professionals from all over Japan joined in the discussion about how
to teach children at home. Such as using smartphone or other new
medias to organize children to have various actions. Under the pandemic
situation, we must keep children regular lives which like in the kindergarten
at home. Moreover, Zhu-zhu,a doctor graduate student from China,
shared with other Japanese professionals about the China’s policies on
the childcare.
To sum up, today’s meeting was exactly successful and lively. At the
end of the day every member gave us their valuable advice, talking and
sharing comments with each other. And Anme-sensei have assigned a
homework which we did an one-minute shot video to show what different
countries’ methods work to improve the childcare and empowerment.
Let’s look forward to the final product!