Graduation Party

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Hello everyone! I am Zhang, and I'm honored to share the graduation party with you.
The weather is nice that day, and everyone felt reluctant to part with.
Today is a special day, the graduation ceremony of senior students was held today.


At the party, the seniors expressed their feelings for the past years studying in empowerment lab.
In this memorable years, they not only learned about empowerment and medical knowledge,
but also learned to help each other and understand each other.The graduates expressed their
deep appreciation for the training of our teachers, and everyone was moved.


Finally, all of our members expressed our sincere blessings and suggestions to them.
Everyone enjoyed a pleasant conversation while enjoying the delicious food and cakes.



We hope they will go further and higher in their field of work after their graduation.

Farewell party for research students!

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Hi, I'm Li, the M1 student in empowerment lab. The spring is coming, and I hope
that the virus will leave us soon.
Today, we held a farewell party for research students Hu-san, Kaku-san and
Sun-san in our lab. Two of them planned to go back to China to continue their
research life and Sun-san planned to stay in Japan to continue his research.
At the lunch time, we prepared a big beautiful cake and three cute bear cakes
for them. First of all, the research students expressed their thanks and best wishes
to our lab, then they talked about their research plan in future. Last, they hoped
that if there is a chance in the future, they will come back to Japan to learn more
and do more researches. After that, Anme-sensei and other members in lab
gave the best wishes to them and hoped that they can have an excellent and
successful life in the future. Last, we took a warm photo and ate cakes together.
Everyone showed a happy smile.
We believed that 'Departure, perhaps in order to better meet again'. We will not
forget the memory that we studied and researched together.