Farewell party for Becky-san

.27 2020 Event comment(0) trackback(0)
Hello Everyone! I`m Li, the M1 student in empowerment sciences lab. How
have you been enjoying your weekend? I hope that you have a good new year
day in this month. The weather has been still cold in these days, please take
care of yourself.
This Monday was an unforgettable and lovely day that I wanted to share with
you! We have a great farewell party for our research students Becky-san
because she will come back to Mongolia to continue her work. We prepared
the delicious food in the morning and also a beautiful farewell gift for Becky-san
which included a delicate cup and a warm blessing letter written by our lab
members. During the party, we have a good communication with each other
about the different language culture in different countries. Then, everyone of us
gave Becky-san our best wishes with words such as empower, healthy, dream,
smile, insist and so on. Last, Anme-sensei presented Becky-san with a special
empowerment T-shirt gift.
Although it is hard to us to say goodbye, it is a new start for Becky-san to empower
the world through her passion and effort. We hope she will go further and higher in her
field of work.