Mirai Empowerment Cafe on November 23th, 2019

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Hello everyone, I am HU, the research student in the empowerment sciences
lab. It rains a lot recently, and the weather gets colder, please take care of
yourselves and be careful not to catch a cold.

On November 23th, we were so fortunate to get together to hold a seminar
about Child Care. And I would like to share the wonderful experience about
this seminar.

The day started with greeting from Anme-sensei. Then Tanaka Hiroshi-sensei
led the symposium about revising the index of child care environment. Based
on the previous revised version, all the professionals here shared their
expertise and expert opinions on suggestions for revision enthusiastically.

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And in the afternoon, we had the mirai empowerment cafe seminar. After
Anme-sensei giving the introduction, Tanaka Hiroshi-sensei presented the
important tools which are useful in our child care field that used for the
inclusive child care and its empowerment. In this part, Tanaka-sensei
introduced the characteristics and applicability of the tools briefly,
in addition, he showed us his future research plan about these tools which
contains his enthusiasm for child care.

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After Tanaka-sensei’s introduction, Sakai-sensei showed us the examples
of application and usage of these evidence based childcare tools. They are
not only for supporting children development, but also for supporting parents
to care for children.

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After Tanaka-sensei and Sakai-sensei’s presentation, Kido-sensei organized
a mini-symposium which presented by Aoki-sensei, Katou-sensei and
Ota-sensei. They came up with different aspects of these evidence- based
tools usage and they put these tools into practice in top-down thinking.

Aoki-sensei and Katou-sensei showed us the application of these childcare
evaluation tools with the examples in their kindergartens. And Ota-sensei
also gave us the presentation about supporting the education and childcare
situation in district.

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When they ended their presentation, all of the professionals discussed the
applicability of these tools with enthusiasm. They posed some questions
and shared their thoughts in different perspectives of childcare. And they
tried to find out the more convenient approaches of using these tools.

At the end of this seminar, Anme-sensei gave us the concluding remarks.
She summarized today’s mirai empowerment cafe seminar with three key
words, evidence, empowerment and professional. And she showed her
expectation for application of these evidence based childcare tools, that
when using these tools, we can not only focus on their success points,
but also the challenge point, and try to make things better.

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All of this special cafe is about the diversity and inclusion of childcare
research. It was so meaningful and important for all of researchers.
Thanks to this wonderful seminar, we had a chance to learn more about
not just the precious tools, but the research point of view.

Everyone here had a beautiful smile which showed their passion to
make the childcare environment better and better.


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