Welcome party on September 4th

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Hello everyone, I am Hao, a research student of our empowerment
lab. The hot summer is coming to an end, and I hope you can take
care of yourselves and enjoy the cool autumn days.
Today, we enjoyed a very unforgettable and happy time together.
After the seminar, we held a party to show our warm welcome to
Tanaka-san and Iketa-san.
We made rice balls by ourselves. The delicious rice was given
by Hattori-san from Tobishima as a present. We are so move and
grateful for Hattori-san’s kindness. It is a great fortune for us to
have this chance to get together and share this special gift.

IMG_3085 6

We introduced ourselves to Tanaka-san and Iketa-san, and they
also shared their experience with us. We communicated with each
other in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Then we took a photo
and everyone in the photo showed a beautiful smile.
I think today will be an unforgettable day for everyone.
What a wonderful party!