Happy & Healthy childcare support research at Tobishima

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Hello everyone. It's autumn on the calendar, but there are still hot days.

This time, I would like to report on the Tobishima survey conducted from August 7th to 9th.
In this survey, we conducted Interview Survey, FGI Survey, Workshop, related to childcare support.

On August 8, a party was held at Mr. Hattori, the former deputy mayor of Tobishima Village.
Mr. Hattori told us valuable stories about the damage caused by the Isewan Typhoon 60 years ago and the recovery from the disaster.

In Tobishima Village, residents and government offices were united to try to energize the village.

It was a precious 3 days that we learned a lot.

Mirai Empowerment Cafe August 17, 2019

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Hello everyone, I am Ammara 2nd year doctoral student in empowerment sciences lab.
A new day began with the sunshine and energy, a true reflection of summers. Hopefully, everyone is having a great time. Today I am here to share the precious moments spent on August 17, 2019 where all the professionals gathered at one table with their expertise’s and expert opinions. The day started with the greetings from Prof. Tokie Anme and she put in energy in all participants by her beautiful expressions and words. She talked about the empowerment practices and its application especially in the context of Childcare environment.

Later, the meeting started with the talk to have individual comments to revise the scale named “ICBCE” for childcare environment. We received many valuable comments from all the members. The main focus was about the applicability and usage of the tool. The meeting ended up with the goals and the next meeting schedule.

After the lunch break workshop began with the enthusiasm all members were divided into four groups. Dr Emiko Tanaka explained about the training. All members participated with zeal and zest and were provided with the two problem- based cases and were asked to answer the questions. Later, each group proposed their solutions to the problems as per their expertise. We received so many valuable comments by having many professionals at one platform with the concept of “Inclusivity”.
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In a nutshell, the training was very fruitful and ended up with the valuable words by all experts about their gain through this workshop. We then moved to a restaurant for dinner. It was a nice experience talking and sharing views with each other at the end of the day. The day ended with a smile on everyone’s face and passion to make the world full of empowerment for everyone.
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The Dumpling Celebrate Party for Tanaka sensei in July 31st

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Hello everyone, I’m Xiao, the M1 student in empowerment lab.
The weather is getting hotter recently, hopefully you keep good health and enjoy the summer days.

Today, we have a party for Tanaka sensei to celebrate her inauguration. The main dish
today is Chinese dumplings. We bought the wrapper, beef, shrimps and vegetables to make
two kinds of ingredients for the dumplings. One kind is vegetable dumplings, which had fired
eggs, shrimps and leeks in them. Another kind is meat dumplings with beef and cabbage.
We made dumplings together in the lab and boiled them in Chinese way. We also prepared
some Chinese vinegar to add some flavour. Dumplings were so delicious and everyone
enjoyed it more than we thought.


While eating, everyone of us gave Tanaka sensei our words of celebration and gratitude.
We learned from her not only about how to do our research, but also about how to be a
competent researcher, a good person, and a brilliant mother. With her warm heart and smile,
we really get empowered a lot. We really appreciate her for everything she has done for us!


As Anme sensei said, now Tanaka sensei has a larger platform to show her strength, everyone
in this lab feel so proud for her, and looking forward to see her outstanding work!
Tanaka sensei, we wish you all the best with your work! And please remember you will always be
a part of our empowerment family!