Empowerment IRS seminar on July 11th

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Hello, everyone, I’m Li, the M1 student in empowerment
lab. University of Tsukuba has become a garden of forest
in these days. It’s beautifu land serenity.
Today, we have a wonderful seminar concerning the
theory and practice using IRS given by Tanaka-sensei.
Firstly, Anme-sensei gave us a kind welcome talk. Then,
Tanaka-sensei introduced the category and item
descriptions of IRS. Everyone showed a great interested
in IRS which has already been used in many countries
in this seminar.
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After lunch, we had a great discussion with Anme-sensei
concerning the using IRS tool. After that, our guests
Lian-san and Sun-san who are from China and have
studied in Japan gave us an impressive presentation about
the experience of using IRS tool in China, both in urban
city and countryside.
Then, we conducted a practice with demonstration video
which gave us a good view about using IRS tool in
practice of reality.
It was a very wonderful and meaningful seminar which
was beneficial for both of children and caregivers.
We hope that we can empower children to grow up with
health and happiness.

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