IRS Seminar

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Hello everyone, I am HU, the research student in this lab.
It’s getting hot right now, please be careful not to
have a heat stroke.
On June 14th, we were fortunate enough to have a lecture
about Interaction Rating Scale training given by Tanaka-sensei.
Our lab members and other participants who are interested in
IRS were on this seminar.


The lecture was of the theory and practice using IRS and IRSC.
Tanaka –sensei introduced the description of IRS, and then explain
the assessment sheet and the manual of IRSC in detail.
Then Rod-san gave us a presentation about Using the IRSC to
understand children’s group behavior.

IMG_6679 (1)

In the second part of the seminar, we watched demonstration
video and try to practice using IRSC. We checked and discussed
the results and try to understand the specific manual of each
items in IRSC.
It was very meaningful seminar and we learnt a lot from it.

The welcome and birthday party in June 12th

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Hello everyone, I am Sun, a research student of our empowerment lab.
The weather is getting rainy these days, I hope everything is going well.
On June 12th, we have had a meaningful afternoon with
Prof. Lorann, Dr. Kakefuda and one of their student, Okamoto-san.
They introduced themselves and gave us a wonderful lecture about
child development through public health.
Prof. Lorann is the Director of the Colorado School of Public Health
at Colorado State University.
She talked about her research aimed at injury control of children.
Then she came up with community readiness model stallones.
This model is similar to Anme-sensei's community empowerment theory.
Tomisaki-sensei and Tanaka-sensei also gave a brief introduction of
checklist for children with difficulties.
And we had an active discussion together.


At the last of this afternoon, we held a welcome party for Prof. Lorann
and Prof. Kakefuda and
birthday party for Prof. Anme.
We shared delicious cake and took photos together.
What a awesome afternoon it is!