Welcome to Kin's Family

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Hello everyone, I’m HU, the trainee of this lab. Spring is coming,
and the weather gets warmer. It’s the season of cherry blossom
which is so amazing, and I wish you enjoy it!
Today is an unforgettable and lovely day that I wanted to
share with you!
Kin-san, who received the doctor degree recently, came back to
the laboratory in this morning!
She brought her newborn baby to here, called Yo-chan.
And kin-san’s mother also came to visit us.


Anme sensei, Tanaka sensei talked with Kin-san and her mother
about child-rearing, and showed their great expectations.
Yo-chan is such a lovely girl, although she was sleeping while
we were discussing, when we were taking photos, she was awake
for a little while and showed a beautiful smile.
It was a so meaningful photo which recorded the happy moment.
Yo-chan is the future and we wish her grow up healthily.
Best wishes to kin-san' family.


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Hello, everyone! I am Hao, the research student in our empowerment lab.
The weather is getting warmer these days, I hope you can enjoy your life everyday.
On April 14th, we have had a meaningful time together. Empowerment council
about universalization of high quality childcare support was held under the auspices
of Anme-sensei, in the Tokyo campus of Tsukuba University. We are honored to invite
Tanaka Hiroshi-sensei, Sakai-sensei, Aoki-sensei, Kato-sensei, Adati-sensei,
Kiurahara-sensei, Oota-sensei, Watanabe-sensei, Tomisaki-sensei, Tanaka Emiko-sensei
and Matsumoto-sensei to have a discussion with us.
About the system construction of high quality childcare, members of the council
had a lively discussion. All of them shared their valuable experiences and opinions, and
we learned a lot from the discussion. At first, before the concrete system construction,
it is important to have a basic vision. High quality childcare requires not only the efforts
of caregivers, but also the cooperation with support centers and schools. At the same
time, we can not ignore the concerns for parents and caregivers.
IMG_3058 1

After the relaxing lunch time, the discussion continued. For the advancement of the
caregiver, the seminar is essential.The training system will consist of three steps:
supporter, professional and meister. And the content of the training system will be
discussed in the future councils this year.
IMG_3062 2

We have learned a lot after attending the council and we have a deeper
understanding of high quality childcare support.
We all appreciate it a lot.

welcome party

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