Graduation Party

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Hello everyone! I am Tao, and I'm honored to share the graduation party with you.
The weather is nice that day, and everyone felt reluctant to part with.
Today is a special day, the graduation ceremony of senior students was held today.


At the party, the seniors expressed their feelings for the past two years.
In this memorable two years, they not only learned about empowerment and medical knowledge,
but also learned to help each other and understand each other.


The graduates expressed their deep appreciation for the training of our teachers, and everyone was moved.
Finally,our M1 students and research students expressed our sincere blessings and suggestions to them.
Everyone enjoyed a pleasant conversation. some people share their future plans with others,
while other people asked seniors about their research problems.
We hope they will go further and higher in their field of work after their graduation.


Congratulations to your graduation! I hope everyone will have a bright future!

The Longitudinal Analysis Cohort Studies Workshop

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

This is Sana, the 1st year master student in the Empowerment Sciences lab.

I would like to share with you the Longitudinal Analysis Cohort Studies – UK and Japan
Cross-Cultural Connections workshop which will be taking place during the next four-
days. The workshop is a collaborative initiative between the Empowerment sciences lab
and leading researchers in longitudinal data analysis from the UK including Dr. Lisa
Calderwood, Dr. Edward Barker, Dr. Susanna, Roberts and Dr. Artemis Koukounari. The
aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about statistical models used
for longitudinal data analysis through theory and practice. It also provides participants
with the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one consultation for personal analysis plan.


The workshop started with a welcoming message from Anme-sensei followed by a brief
self-introduction from the workshop's instructors, coordinators, advisory board, and the
rest of the participants. As a first talk, Dr. Lisa Calderwood introduced the CLOSER search
engine which hosts a wealth of questionnaires and data from eight leading longitudinal
studies in the UK. Dr. Lisa also introduced some of the projects CLOSER is involved in
including data harmonization which aims to make different set of data to be easier to be
compared together.

Followed by that, Dr. Susanna Roberts gave an introduction to using R and R Studio to
analyze data by sharing basic concepts of the program and its syntax rules. This provided
participants with the opportunity to practice the basics of R coding in order to later
facilitate using such codes for different kinds of statistical analysis.


Finally, Dr. Edward Barker gave an introduction to structural equation modeling and
latent variables while Dr. Artemis Koukounari gave a review on regression and nested
models. The sessions first shed light on a bit of theory behind the concepts and provided
further insight through practical examples. Later on, participants had the opportunity
to practice first-hand using R by performing the analysis for the same examples, guided
by the help of the instructors and concluding with a long and fruitful day full of learning.


We would like to dedicate special thanks to the instructors of the workshop for sharing
with us their valuable experience and guidance for longitudinal data analysis. We are
looking forward to learn more and strengthen our skills further over the next three days!