Congratulations to Watanabe-sensei!

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Hello Everyone! I am Sana, a 1st year Master student within Empowerment lab.
How have you been enjoying your weekend?
It is getting colder and colder by the day now, please take care of yourselves.
Last Tuesday was an unforgettable and lovely night that I wanted to share with you!

The day of December 25th started early where we all met in the lab for our weekly seminar.
Speakers that day gave an insightful presentation about their research and graduation projects,
and by the end of it, it was time to celebrate Watanbe-sensei's appointment as a Professor
in the University of Shukutoku.

We met with Watanabe-sensei and Tomisaki-sensei and walked together in the crisp weather
of December afternoon to head for dinner at Bistro Cin-Cin Italian restaurant.

At our entry, the waitress greeted us and led us to our seats, and soon after, Tanaka-sensei
joined us as well along with her 3 lovely children! The dim lights of the restaurants gave it a cozy
feel of a warm and safe home.

The party started with an inspiring speech from Anme-sensei for Watanabe-sensei's new position
as a professor. Anme-sensei shared with us the first time her and Watanabe-sensei met and the kind
of brilliant student and professional she once was/is.

A professional, said Anme-sensei, is a person who always thrives to go beyond their 100% and that is
definitely a characteristic that Watanabe-sensei has.


Tanaka-sensei also gave a toast to celebrate Watanabe-sensei's new position along with other students,
wishing her bright and successful future and career, an we all rose our cups and drank together. Kanpai!

Soon after, the room was filled with cozy vibes, friendly conversations and children's laughter.

It was truly lovely, and the food that night was also delicious! The meal started with a fresh vegetables
dip as well as a honey, cheese tofu, and crackers platter. We were then served french fries along with
some meat sauce and a margarita pizza right out of the oven.

During middle of our dinner, we later played a little game together.

Atsuzawa-san asked us each to draw a card and answer the question which was written on it.
Anme-sensei, Watanabe-sensei, Tanaka-sensei and Tomisaki-sensei also joined us for the game,
which only made the game more fun and interesting!


By the time the game ended, the night was also unfortunately almost finished. Time always feels
like passing by fast when having a good time.

We took the opportunity to share with Watanabe-sensei her gifts that we have prepared for her
at an earlier time. We wrote her each a brief message to congratulate her for her new position,
and gave it to her as a present along with a flower bouquet and a Little My pillow. (can you guess
from which book series this character is? 😉)

We wish Watanabe-sensei the brightest of futures and may this new year of 2019 bring her more
great accomplishments and success in her career!


Last Tuesday night was truly a special moment that we all shared together. We laughed and learnt
a lot from each other during this dinner party.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope that you have enjoyed your holidays.

May this new year of 2019 bring us plenty of love, happiness and good fortune!

Happy new Year!

P.S. Thank you very much for Watanabe-sensei for the cute donuts, they were delicious!