Congraduation party for graduation

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Hello everyone!
I'm Liu haihan. It's my honor to record this special day.
After the cold winner, we welcome the colorful spring.
As the tradition of Tsukuba University, 25th March is graduation ceremony.
After our empowerment seminar,
we held a congraduation party for graduates, Master Kato, Master Ouyang,
Master Ito, Masters Sakada, Master Kamada, Master Yang, Master Hilda,
to congratulate their graduation.
From now on they will start a new journey in different countries.
We will never forget the shining moment they spent with us.
Everyone is beautiful today! They put on their countries' traditional dress. We will nver forget their smile.
We ordered a special cake for all the graduates. We write on our wish for them on it.

Although it is hard to us to say goodbye,
but saying "Goodbye" is to hoping you know that distance doesn't mean separation,
and we all will be your backup forever.
Infinitely bright future to all the graduates and wish everyone has a good time everyday!

A visit to Hikosen team

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Welcome to our lab!

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Hello everyone!
It is a little bit cool today, but it is really warm in our lab.
Because a guest came to our lab from Sweden.

Dr. Christina comes from Health Sciences Centre (HSC) of Lund University,
and is doing researches about people with dementia.
She made a wonderful presentation for us.
From her presentation,
I was amazed at the advanced system for caregiving of people with dementia.
And I was touched that so many people are working hard to help those people and their caregivers.
China is also facing aging society now, but the system in China is not completed.
I think there could be many things for me to do for my country in the future.

After the presentation, we held a party.
We prepared delicious food.
During the lunch time, we discussed a lot and spent happy time together.

Meanwhile, it is also a congratulation party for Wei san and Zhan san,
they have already passed the entrance exam and will be a master student next month.

Hope the picture can convey our happiness to you.
See you next time.

Jiang Junyu



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Hello everyone!
What a warm day it was today!
Sakura blooming soon!
How are you getting alone recently?
We were happy to attending the seminar
held in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
The seminar was mainly about multivariate analysis.

Firstly, Tokuda Sensei made a wonderful lecture
about factor analysis.
Prof.Tokuda gave us an comprehensive
introduction of factor analysis and detailed
introduction of analysis methods.
Additionally, Tokuda Sensei kindly prepared data
and examples for us to make us understand it easily.
How to write analysis part in paper
was also involved in this lecture.

In the afternoon, we welcomed Arimura sensei
to make a lecture.
Akimura Sensei gave us a vivid introduction
covariance structure analysis by an easy example.
After that we did a group work
and made model by ourselves.
Through the examples and group work,
everyone understand the structural equation model.
Last but not least, data analysis method by excel
was also taught and everyone got exercise
opportunity to understand it deeply.

Thanks for wonderful presentation
of Tokuda Sensei and Akimura Sensei today.
We learned a lot about the research methods.
I am looking forward to being able to use
what we leart today in the future research.
See you next time.

Yu Huijuan