Welcome to our lab!

.28 2016 雑感 comment(0) trackback(0)
Hello, everyone!

Summer is coming, have you enjoyed your bright life just like the sunshine?
Each year’s summer school program comes without any surprise
but still with a lot of expectation.
Today we have spent a very unforgettable and meaningful time together.


Before our empowerment seminar, we hold a welcome party
to celebrate summer school student from worldwide entrance to our lab.
They are Nadhira Afina Wardhani from Indonesia, Kathleen Carlos from U.S.
and Weyland Chang from Taiwan. It is truly a new trip for their lives.
We sincerely hope that they could enjoy themselves here.


We empowerment family will share the happiness
and go through the difficulties with them together,
support their work and really look forward to their excellent performance.
Wish them a memorable and cheerful experience in Japan in such a beautiful summer.

Yu Huijuan

Welcome to our lab, Kohno sensei!

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Hello everyone!
How are you today!
Hot weather can not stop our enthusiasm for study!
In today's international health class, it was great honer for us to
welcome Kohno sensei for giving us an wonderful lecture about
personality and company.
Kohno sensei has been working in worldwide famous company
SONY for about 40 years, who is a quite experienced and with
charming personality sensei.


After the class, we welcomed Kohno sensei to our lab for lunch party,
during that, we enjoyed our food while asking some questions.
All of us were interested in sensei's topic and took advantage of this great opportunity to learn.


After the lunch party, we hold the empowerment seminar as usual.
Hope everyone a happy day and successful with your research!

Zhao He

Future empowerment cafe

.20 2016 エンパワメント研究会 comment(0) trackback(0)
Hello everyone!
How is everything going these days?
Hope all of you enjoyed your life in the hot summer!
Yesterday, all of the members in our empowerment lab took actively participate in
the future empowerment cafe hold in University of tsukuba in Tokyo campus.
We were very honer to be given an impressive lecture
which is about developmental disorder among children by SHIOKAWA sensei.


Not only professors, but some researchers and students attended this meaningful cafe as well.
We really learnt a lot from it.
Hope all of you a happy life!

Zhao He

Welcome to our lab!Otsuki Sensei!

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How is everything goinng recently?
Today,it was a great honor for us to welcome
Otsuki Sensei to give us a very wonderful lecture.
Otsuki Sensei was an excellent JICA volunteer who had been worked in Gabon for two years.
She talked about her experience in Gabon and health system there.


We were impressed by Otsuki Sensei's lecture,
and the strength of her lecture moved us profoundly.
Each student took part in the discussion and group work actively.

Having finished the lecture, Otsuki Sensei came to our lab,
and we enjoyed lunch party together.
We introduced each other, and our members asked some questions.
Otsuki Sensei was very pleased to answer our questions and shared her unique experience to us.


Finally, we had a group photo to eternalize the moment.
Thank you for your coming, Ms. Otsuki
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!