The childcare power-up meeting in Tokyo

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Hello everyone!
How is everything going this week?
I hope you can enjoy your life everyday.

Today, We were happy to attend the meeting about the childcare power-up
which held in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
Firstly, The Prof. ANME, Chairman AMAHISA,Chief Director EDAMOTO and Vice-Chairman SAKAI
gave us a good greeting when the meeting began in 9:00 am.





After the greeting, NAKAMURA san made a speech for us
to illustrate and display the child care supporting website system.
This system is in order to collect the data from children
and their caregivers entered 5 evidence-based tools into the web system through a 12-year childcare.
Compare the questionnaire,
this website system has higher efficiency and
it will contribute to develop the child-care research in the future.
And the AP WATANABE also have illustrated this HOP website after the speech.



Afterwards,we had a hot discussion about this HOP website’s details,
every guests projected their valuable advice,
and we had a 15-minutes rest in 10:10 am.
In 12:00,we ended this discussion and had a delicious lunch.


What a good meeting!
Thanks for every guests coming, and thanks for your valuable advice!

Chen Wei

A warm send-off party!

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Hello, everyone!
How's everything going recent days?
After a very valuable seminar yesterday,
we all have more passion to study!

And today, we did a very warm lunch party.
Guess what for?
Our Dr.Tanaka will give birth to her baby,
so a send-off party was held in our lab.
Dr.Tanaka is a very kind senior and research worker,
who are very willing to help ouselves and always do wonderful work for lab.
We all take Dr.Tanaka as the good model,
and greatful to Dr. Tanaka.
Hope her to deliver a cute and vigourous baby sincerely!


This is one cake we prepared for Dr.Tanaka.
We were so happy that she enjoyed it a lot.
Also, we expressed our feelings to Dr.Tanaka
and communicated with each other.


What a warm family!
Looking forward to seeing you again!

Yashu Yang

A seminar about action research in Tokyo

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Hello everyone!
How are you getting along recently?
What a warm day it was today!
We were happy to attending the seminar
held in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
The seminar was mainly about action research.

Firstly, Prof.Haga made a wonderful lecture named
"Action Research Perfomed in an Area".
Prof.Haga gave us an comprehensive introduction of action research,
and how an action research is perfomed.
In an action research, the researchers should also be a part of the community
to promote their research ways step by step,
which is different from most of other usual reasearches now.
He also made it easier to understand using a research done in Kanagawa in 2011 as an example.

In the afternoon, we welcomed Dr.Sato to make a lecture.
At the beginning, we did a group work
and shared our thoughts or questions about action research with each other.
Dr.Sato introduced the way to make process analysis in an action research.
She gave a detailed description of the research in Kanagawa,
and made it clear for everyone to understand the analysis method.

We learned a lot about the new reasearch way of action research today!
I'm looking forward to being able to take part in an action research someday in the future.
See you next time!

Junyu Jiang