Thank you for attending the lecture of childcare in Tokyo !

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Hello, everyone!
How’s everything going recently?
Despite the heavy rain, we still spent a very meaningful day
in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
Because we took part in the lecture meeting which called
Children with difficulties and caregivers in the scene of childcare.

At first, Prof.Anme gave us a very vivid introduction
about checklists and tools of childcare
which not only includes five supporting scales,
but also developed their practical uses.
Especially, these practical uses encouraged high-quality childcare
and provided improved support for both children and caregivers.
But firstly, having professional competence personally
and spirit of teamwork in groups are also absolutely necessary.


Next, we welcomed Ms.Sakai to give us an exceptional lecture
about application of WEB supporting system in childcare support.
Ms. Sakai comes from Kokurakita fureai childcare center,
and she introduced the characteristic and principle of their childcare center to audience.
She also emphasized that, for caregivers, developmental supremacism is not good,
rather than things you can not do,
the more important is to enjoy what you can do now!


Next, Dr.Watanabe and Dr.Tanaka introduced the excellent results of childcare cohort
and developing possibility of WEB childcare supporting system.
The latter is aimed at collecting important information about children,
practical utilization for children and caregivers, and connecting to the future.
In this system, we can log the data into an enlarged screen by touching it
and results will turn into a graph quickly.
It is so cool, right?

After wonderful speech from our four speakers,
audiences wrote questions and comments positively,
and our four speakers gave us detailed description and answers.
They had a very good communication!


Guess where did we?
Apart from listening lectures,
we everyone were so happy to have such valuable chance
to introduce WEB system in Ipad to audiences in the rest time.
How a meaningful day!
Can't wait to look forward the next seminar!
See you next time!

Yashu Yang

The meeting of support for caregiver

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Hello, everyone!
How is everything going this week?
Although today is still a cold day,I think the warm spring will come soon. 

Today was the last day of meeting of support for caregiver, it was really great honor for us to welcome Prof.Otiai(by skype), A.P.Murata, Dr.Oobuti, A.P.Yoneno, A.P.Maruyama(by skype), A.P.Watanabe, Mr.Yao, Mrs.Guo and Mr.Aizawa to attend the meeting today.
The meeting started at 9:00 am.
Firstly, we had a discussion about the supplementary items of the web questionnaire and items of the fosterer support check list. All of guests gave their valuable suggestions about this discussion.
After the discussion, we had a nice lunch. Meantime, we watched a video about parent-child game and had a discussion about it.
After lunch, we held a arrangement about the analysis of childcare cohort data.
2016 01 19
At 2:30 p.m, we ended the meeting of support for caregiver. We benefited a lot from the meeting in these two days.
Thanks again for all the guests’ coming, we are looking forward to seeing you again!

Wei Chen

養育者支援 つくばミーティング

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M2 渡邊

Thank you for your wonderful speech !

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Hello, everyone!
Happy new year!
How are your vacation going?
I believe you all have a good time in New Year’s Day.
Sincerely, I hope that we can make progress in our study in 2016.

Today, it was really great honor for us to welcome Mr. Yamamoto;
Mr. Asada and Mr. Annbiru to attend our seminar.
In the morning, Mr. Yamamoto gave us a wonderful speech
about support for disabled from childhood to adulthood.
Through the excellent speech we all learned a lot about the subject of support for disabled people.

After the speech, we had a very happy lunch party together.
We introduced each other, and asked various questions about support for disabled people.
Mr. Yamamoto answered the questions to all of us patiently.
Thanks Mr. Yamamoto again for his excellent speech and wonderful answering.


In the afternoon, we started our empowerment seminar.
In the seminar, we welcomed four of our members to made presentation,
Mr. Yamamoto; Mr. Asada and Mr. Annbiru all gave their previous comments about the presentation.
We shared our opinions in the seminar together,
and had a good time with each other.

Thanks you for coming to our empowerment laboratory today!
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

Sun jingying