Happy birthday to you !

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Hello everyone!
How was your days in Tsukuba?
Yesterday, we spent a very happy and special day!


Because it was our dear professor-Prof. Anme's birthday!
In the afternoon, after seminar in our lab,
we presented a birthday cake to Prof.Anme
and gave her a big surprise!
Happy birthday to you, our dearest professor!
We sang a birthday song and wish our professor
be healthy and has a wonderful year!


Thank you everyone! I am so happy!
I'm 23 years old every year!
Prof. Anme said.
We shared the birthday cake and talked with each other.
Nothing could be happier than this moment.
Not only because of the birthday party,
but also the feeling as a family!

This is the photo of our lab's member.
Guess where is the Prof.Anme?
Yes! The professor who always smile warmly and empower others.
It was really fun and pleasure time we shared together.

Yashu Yang

Ms.Ochiai, Thank you for your lecture!

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How was your life in recent days?
Today,we welcomed Ms.Ochiai to give us a very wonderful speech
called Supproting and Empowering in Disaster Area.
Ms.Ochiai is an excellent volunteer.
She works in Ishinomaki, and has been empowering people who suffered Tohoku earthquake for four years.
We were impressed by Ms.Ochiai's lecture,
and the strength of the speech moved us profoundly.


After giving us the speech, Ms.Ochiai came to our lab,
and we had a very happy lunch party together.
We introduced each other, and Ms.Ochiai shared her unique experience to us.


This is the cake that we prepared for Ms.Ochiai.
We all felt so happy that
our guest enjoyed the cake a lot,
and of course,
We not only learned a lot from our guest,
but also exchanged our interesting opinions from each other.

Today, we had the precious opportunity to
experience the empowerment.
It was really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.

Yashu Yang

The selection meeting of Tobisima original gymnastics

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Good day, everyone!
Do you feel the enthusiasm from summer?
Today, the last day of May, we participated
in the selection meeting of Tobisima original gymnastics.
This original gymnastics is developed by local
residents themselves in Tobisima village, for empowering
them to improve their well-being further.


This selection meeting was organized by
the local volunteers. They practiced all optional
movements of the original gymnastics multiple
times in the last few months, and presented
perfectly in the front of the residents today.
Thanks to these volunteers,
we, the children and their parents, the elders, all of us
had this great afternoon with enjoying physical exercise.


We are looking forward to the completed version of
Tobisima original gymnastics in the following months.
Sorry, I forgot to introduce the big star who is loved
by local residents, especially by the children.
The "Tobisi-man" !


Thank you for your show up, see you!