The 68th Annual Meeting of Japanese Child-Care.

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Hello, everyone!
How was your life in these days?
We have spent a very meaningful time, in these two days.
In the city of Nagoya, on 9th and 10th May,
The annual meeting was hold.
The aim of the meeting was “Creation of Child-Care culture”
On the second day,
Dr. Tanaka given poster speech about
“Study about the factor that are connect to
changing behavior of parents who punish their children”
The excellent report attracted many people.

In the afternoon, our laboratory held the symposium about
“Evidence based improvement in quality of childcare:
teamwork and empowerment.”
Mr. Miyazaki, Mr. Tanaka, Ms. Sakai and Dr. Watanabe
presented about their own research, and the president of the team,
Dr. Anme, also gave some speech.
Mr. Miyazaki is the director of multi-function office about welfare;
Mr. Tanaka is the curator of nursery school;
Ms. Sakai is the senior nurse of night nursery.

During they gave very fantastic speech,
the audiences were seems very interested in the present.
During these two days, everyone got a lot of professional knowledge,
and also they were empowered by each other.
You also can be empowered with us!
Ayaka kamata.