Congratulation & Farewell

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Hello everyone! 
I am Nie shiyun, and it is my honor to record this special day.
After the cold winner, we welcome the colorful spring.
As the tradition of Tsukuba University, 25th March is graduation ceremony.
After our empowerment seminar, we held a farewell party for seniors:
Dr. Mochizuki, Dr. Wu, Master Kim, Master Zhu and Master Sun,
to congratulate their graduation.
From now on they will start a new journey in their life.
Since I became a part of empowerment laboratory,
even though a short term,
seniors have given me a lot of warm support whether learning or life which I will never forget,
when I met difficulties no matter how busy they are,
they always do their best to support me.


Today we also welcomed 3 special guests: Dr. Mochizuki’s husband and the parents of Master Zhu.
I think the family are the important person who are always quietly encouraging and supporting us.
We spent a good time in our laboratory.


At afternoon there is a graduation ceremony.
We are so happy to witness their growing.



Although it is hard to us to say goodbye, we will be your backup forever and wish a brighter future for you.

by Nie Shiyun