Merry Christmas!

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Hello everyone! Today is Christmas Eve, how did you celebrate it?
We invited many excellent guests to our laboratory,
they were Itagaki san and Oosita san,
it was our great honor to share their thoughts about the Cohort analysis,
we learned a lot from them and it was very useful for us to do the research.


Then, Asada sensei and Anbiru sensei were invited to
our Focus group interview about WEB support of school age children.
Their conversation were so interesting, and their thoughts enlarged our visions.


The pizza was coming, so we were prepared to begin our Christmas party.
Happy Christmas!
This was our Christmas cake with a lovely Santa Claus.


The atmosphere was very cheerful,
we also welcomed our new member Hilda san who came from Indonesia
and she will do the research in our laboratory in April next year.
During the party, we not only enjoyed the delicious food,
but also communicated with each other happily.
What a wonderful day!
Thanks all the guests’ attendance, we are looking forward to seeing you again!