Welcome to our empowerment lab

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Hello everyone !
How about your life and study in the University of Tsukuba?
Today, we had a very wonderful day together.

We prepared our party together to welcome our guests
Mr. Uruno, Mr. Sakayori and Mr. Hasegawa who come from "HouKou Kai",
which is the famous social welfare organization
in the city of Kogashi in Japan.

122222 xin

And we are also looking forward to
welcoming our new member Zhang Xun.
It is the first time for Zhang Xun to come to our laboratory,
we all sincerely hope that she can enjoy herself here.
She will start her great research journey from now on,
and we are really looking forward to her excellent performance.

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This is the cake that we prepared for the guests and our new member.
We all felt so happy that
our guests and new member enjoyed the cake a lot,
and of course,
we not only learned a lot from our guests,
but also exchanged our interesting thoughts from each other.

Today, we had the precious opportunity to
experience the empowerment fully.
It was a really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.

Yang Yashu