The 73rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health

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Hello, everyone. Winter is coming.
How about everyone's life in Tsukuba?
In these three days,
we have spent a very meaningful and unforgettable time
in the city of Utsunomiya.
From the 5th, November to the 7th November,
the 73rd annual meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health
was held in the city of Utsunomiya.
The aim of this meeting was
"Corporation and Collaboration, From Idea to Realization".
On the first day,
after the institute president
of the 73rd Japanese Society of Public Health's
welcome reception speech,
a variety of academic activities begun.
It was the first time
for our laboratory’s member
Kumi Watanabe and Cheuon Kim
to give poster speech,
and they did a quite excellent job.
In addition,
Dr.Kasai also delivered a poster report
about the happy gymnastics
from children to elderly.
This interesting report has attracted a lot of people.



What deserved to be mentioned was that
Dr.Tanaka delivered the exceptional cohort study speech about babies,
which was awarded the Excellent Subject Prize Reward
in the Japanese Society of Public Health.



In the afternoon,
our laboratory
held the Round Table Discussion
around Symbiotic and Empathy's empowerment
in the Utsunomiya Kyowa University.
The sponsor was Dr. Anme,
and Dr.Shiokawa gave audience
a very interesting and fantastic speech,
which deepen the audience's comprehension
about East Timor
and the condition of this country's children.


After the heated discussion,
we continued a friendly reunion dinner.
During the dinner,
we not only knew each other more,
but also knew these research better.


On the second day,
Dr.Tanaka and Dr. Mochizuki shared a poster reprt.
Dr.Mochizuki's subject
was about the checklist for child abuse in children rearing institute.



In the afternoon,
Dr. Anme hosted a symposium
about cohort study and policy proposal-face to
corporation to collaboration in basis.
After the report of the speakers,
they had positive interactive idea
exchange with audience.


On the third day,
Dr. Anme shared an excellent speech,
the title of which was “Empowerment and Innovation”.
It was about the method of qualitative study
and focus group interview.
She explained her ideas with profundity
but in an easy-to-understand way.
After her speech,
the audience put a lot of questions
to the Dr.Anme positively,
and she gave detailed and lively answers.


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During these three days,
everyone not only has learned a lot
about the professional knowledge,
but also experienced the power of the team work.
It was a very rewarding trip
and we are looking forward to
the next academic conference.
Do you want to join us?