Welcome to empowerment laboratory

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Hello, everyone!
How is your summer vacation?
The new semester is about to start soon, and 4 new members have joined our laboratory today.


They are shiyun Nie, yashu Yang, hanae Ito and lingling Ouyang.
Especially, it is the first time that shiyun Nie and yashu Yang come to our laboratory,
we all sincerely hope that they can enjoy themselves here.
We also would like to share the happiness with hanae Ito and lingling Ouyang for passing the examination successfully.
They will start their great research journey from now on,
we are really looking forward to their excellent performance.


This is the cake that we prepared for the new members.
We feel so glad that yashu yang enjoyed her first cake in Japan a lot.
By the way, I think the cake here in Japan is more delicious than that made in China,
particularlly the cream is very refreshing.
I have never eaten cream when I was in China, but now I can accept it.


Today, we had the precious opportunity to experience the empowerment fully.
We prepared our party together.
We exchanged our experience, culture, dreams and all kinds of interesting thoughts.
It was a really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.