Welcome to our laboratory, Arnesya!

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Hello, everyone.
This is Wencan Chen.

Today we welcome a new friend,
She is Arnesya, majored in medical science
from Indonesia University
as a summer school international student.
She will stay here for 10 days.

Following our lab's tradition,
we held a party to show our warmth greeting.
During the party,
Doctor Wu made a presentation to introduce our lab's projects briefly.

And next to the introduction,
M2 students Yixin Sun and Zhu Zhu also showed us their current research,


Welcome to Japan,
and welcome to our lab,
We hope that what you have experienced during you 10 days' trip in Japan
and even shorter time you spent in our lab
could be your fortune in your future study.
and look forward to your active development in your own research.
Nice to meet you!

~第2回 人づくり、園づくりのためのITを活かした経営を学ぶ~幼稚園・保育園経営者向けIT経営実践フォーラム

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7月15日、サンロフトさんが主催する第2回 人づくり、園づくりのためのITを活かした経営を学ぶ~幼稚園・保育園経営者向けIT経営実践フォーラムに参加してきました!





また、サンロフト・システムエンジニアの中村 雄先生による「園で役立つクラウドサービスとその活用法」~グーグルアップスや名簿管理システムの機能と効果~の講演はわかりやすくクラウドサービスを説明してくださり、クラウド化を上手にどんどん取り入れていけたらいいですね!

株式会社船井総合研究所の石田 敦志先生による「新制度に向けた園経営のあり方」~こうするとあなたの園は伸びる~での講演ではこれからの社会情勢、変化を見据えた園の在り方をご教授くださり、多角的な視点から園を考えていく必要性を感じました。




Welcome party for Professor Sally

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How is your day, everyone!
Ours are very meaningful and cool in this summer,
Because today we invited Professor Sally who comes from
--the land of the long white cloud--
New Zealand
to give us a speech.

The title of her speech is " Earthquake effects on older people in New Zealand"
As both China and Japan have suffered from the horrible earthquake like NZ in recent years,
more attention are paid to the post-earthquake traumer and recovery,
After the speech, we held a welcome party for Professor Sally,
during the party,
we share our thoughts and ask some questions we are interested over pizza!


Follwed our lab's custom,
here comes our delicious cake after the party.

Professor Sally,
nice to meet you!
Today we enjoy the great benefit of your instructions concerning the aging research.
Look forward to see you again.

Hello, Everybody,
Do you want to spend meaningful and productive days like us,
Join us!

By Wencan Chen

Every 3 years' research in Tobishima

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Long time no see,my dear all!
It is me again-- Chen Wencan!

From 29 June to 4July, we spent a substantial week in Tobishima
which is the most longevitily village of Japan.
During my 9 months life in Japan,
I have benn Tobishima 4 times,
which impress me most is the local residents' happiness index,
and I think I have found the magic code behind their longevity.
they are content with their current life,
so they deeply appreciate everything they received,
Also maybe Tobishima is a further village,
the atmosphere there is very peace,
no fierce competition in work,
no quick rhythm in life,
so they can live a regular life than others in the Tokyo.

This is the whole member who participated in the research,
include Tsukuba member and stuffs in Tobishima.
See the smile on our faces,
I guess it was by the village's appeal

In the 2 July,
Vice-Village Head warmly invited us to have dinner with his family,
This picture was taken in his garden,
The yard is representative Japanese style,
By this visit,
I enriched my Japan experience not only traditional building style,
but also the typical Janpanese delicacy.
Thank your warmth entertainment.

Let us keep the wonderful and meaningful memory in our mind,
and rewrite it 3 years later in Tobishima!
Thank you!