Welcome to our lab

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Hello,everyone, I am Lingling Ouyang, and it is my horner to record the exciting party tonight!


This is our lovely cake to welcome Master kumi, Master takezawa and Master tinn.
From now on, we will do the reserch together, live together, and make process together.
I believe that we will create more wonderful achievements in our labortery .
Maybe you will ask that why I am so confident about this, and I will tell you the reaon.
Because our new menbers are very poweful humanbeings that you can not never image.
As a junior, I really appreciate the abilities they have and they have just seted me
an example of persisting in the reserch.


From this picture, I can fell that we just like a fimily that we are supporting each other always.
We are very excitied that you joined our laboratory, we hope that you will have
a very successful reserch period with us and you will develop an arsenal of technical and intellectual abilities,
which will assis you in your future carrier goals.
I think you guys have more hard works to do and more knowledge to master, so just fight!
You are in a very fortunate situation, because our laboratory is a multidisciplinary training environment,
where you will be exposed do several fields of interest.
Your training will start with many basic procedures and your projects will start depending on your progress.
Welcome to our laboratory again, and we expect your performance!