Farewell & Graduation

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Hello everyone!
It's us again--Ouyang & Chen.

Today is a special day to our laboratory.

After our empowerment seminar, we held a farewell party for predecessor Arioka.
From now on, she will start her new journey in Hokkaido.


Since we became a part of empowerment laboratory,
predecessor Arioka has given us a lot of warm support just as well as today's sunshine,
for example, she encouraged us to speak Japanese,
helped us check the preperation for the entrance examination,
gave us a lot of suggestion about ordinary routine of laboratory work...
we will never forget the shining moment you spent with us,
It is the most difficult time when people have to say goodbye,
but saying "Goodbye" is to hoping you know that distance doesn't mean separation,
and we all will be your backup forever.


Today is also Graduation Ceremony in University of Tsukuba.


Dr. Tomizaki and Dr.Hirano, congratulations upon having received your Doctorate in Nursing Science,
you have set up successful model in our laboratory, and motivate us to make more progress.
Wish you well in all your understandings and hope that you will find your career a source of great joy and happiness.