Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!
We are research students--Chen&OuYang!

Following the beautiful sunshine,we welcomed the Christmas.

Here we invited Dr. Watanabe to our laboratory
to give us a wonderful speech,
and many guests also joined us.

Dr. Watanabe is an associate professor of Musashino University
belonged to Human Science Course.Today,
the speech he gave us is about application of community empowerment in aging society,
which help us understand what the isolated community is
and reasons that led to the situation,
also he gave us a exact example to provide us a better understanding of it.

After the speech,we held the Christmas party in a cheerful atmosphere.
This is our Christmas cake,isn'it lovely? ^^


During the party,we enjoyed the delicious food,
also shared our thoughts together.
What a wonderful time,
and thanks all the teachers'attendance,
we are looking forward to participating in our seminar again.


Another good news is our predecessor--Dr Watanabe's doctoral dissertation,
which is very excellent that will surely benefit us a lot!
She has set a good model to us in our laboratory,
and motivated us to study harder. ^^


Finally,we're really grateful to the consideration of all predecessors,
and wish you all a happy new year!

Chen & OuYang