.26 2009 学会・フォーラム・シンポジウム comment(0) trackback(0)
もちろん,今年もみんなで参加しました!一般演題として8題発表し,自由集会も開催しました。自由集会は,毎年恒例 「共感・共生のパワーを活用するコミュニティ・エンパワメント」というテーマでの開催です。4名の専門職をお招きし,とくに「ほめる」ことをフォーカスした自由集会となりました。会場には,保健・医療・福祉分野の専門職や,研究者,学生など約30名の参加があり,参加者それぞれが,それぞれの立場で,エンパワメントを考える機会となりました。




 さて,来週11月4日にはSpecial Empowerment Seminarを予定しています。自然科学研究機構生理学研究所から定藤先生をお迎えし,「脳科学と社会能力」というテーマでお話ただく予定です。そしてその次の週には,日本保健福祉学会の学術集会(仙台)があります。秋の楽しみはつきません!

by watanabe

Prof.Gerd Ahlström, Thank you so much and come again.

.05 2009 エンパワメント研究会招聘講演 comment(0) trackback(0)
We invited Prof.Gerd Ahlström from Jönköping University of Sweden as the guest speaker of our seminar.

First, she introduced Jönköping University for us.
The university has over 9,000 students and is organized as a foundation comprising four independent schools. The school of Health Sciences is one of four independent schools and has about 2.000 students. Master and PhD programmes in the following disciplins.Gerontology, Health Care Improvement and Leadership, Nursing Science, Nursing with focus on cardiac care, Occupational Therapy, Oral Health Science, Social Work. The university's students usually engaged in their study and are writing their articles.
I thought that her university and her students are so great!

Second, she gave a lecture on "Experiences of Living with Chronic Disease and Interventions for Better Quality of Life".
She gave a prelude as follows. Disease is the medical term for pathological process or state.
Illness is the human experiences of loss or dysfunction. And she lectured about the trajectory with chronic illness. Her lecture was not only interesting but also convincing. Additionally, it is important theme in Japan too.
"Normalisation (Quality of life) is empowerd, New ways of living, and new goals in life." It was very striking for me.

Thank you very much for your informative presentation.


After the seminar, we had a welcome party for Prof.Gerd Ahlström.
At also party time, she listened to any questions from students and answered their questions politely.

welcome party Prof.Gerd Ahlström

We really had a good time with her.
Prof.Gerd Ahlström, Thank you so much and come again.

( by watanabe )