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姜 俊羽

A seminar about action research in Tokyo

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Hello everyone!
How are you getting along recently?
What a warm day it was today!
We were happy to attending the seminar
held in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
The seminar was mainly about action research.

Firstly, Prof.Haga made a wonderful lecture named
"Action Research Perfomed in an Area".
Prof.Haga gave us an comprehensive introduction of action research,
and how an action research is perfomed.
In an action research, the researchers should also be a part of the community
to promote their research ways step by step,
which is different from most of other usual reasearches now.
He also made it easier to understand using a research done in Kanagawa in 2011 as an example.

In the afternoon, we welcomed Dr.Sato to make a lecture.
At the beginning, we did a group work
and shared our thoughts or questions about action research with each other.
Dr.Sato introduced the way to make process analysis in an action research.
She gave a detailed description of the research in Kanagawa,
and made it clear for everyone to understand the analysis method.

We learned a lot about the new reasearch way of action research today!
I'm looking forward to being able to take part in an action research someday in the future.
See you next time!

Junyu Jiang

Thank you for attending the lecture of childcare in Tokyo !

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Hello, everyone!
How’s everything going recently?
Despite the heavy rain, we still spent a very meaningful day
in University of Tsukuba, Tokyo campus.
Because we took part in the lecture meeting which called
Children with difficulties and caregivers in the scene of childcare.

At first, Prof.Anme gave us a very vivid introduction
about checklists and tools of childcare
which not only includes five supporting scales,
but also developed their practical uses.
Especially, these practical uses encouraged high-quality childcare
and provided improved support for both children and caregivers.
But firstly, having professional competence personally
and spirit of teamwork in groups are also absolutely necessary.


Next, we welcomed Ms.Sakai to give us an exceptional lecture
about application of WEB supporting system in childcare support.
Ms. Sakai comes from Kokurakita fureai childcare center,
and she introduced the characteristic and principle of their childcare center to audience.
She also emphasized that, for caregivers, developmental supremacism is not good,
rather than things you can not do,
the more important is to enjoy what you can do now!


Next, Dr.Watanabe and Dr.Tanaka introduced the excellent results of childcare cohort
and developing possibility of WEB childcare supporting system.
The latter is aimed at collecting important information about children,
practical utilization for children and caregivers, and connecting to the future.
In this system, we can log the data into an enlarged screen by touching it
and results will turn into a graph quickly.
It is so cool, right?

After wonderful speech from our four speakers,
audiences wrote questions and comments positively,
and our four speakers gave us detailed description and answers.
They had a very good communication!


Guess where did we?
Apart from listening lectures,
we everyone were so happy to have such valuable chance
to introduce WEB system in Ipad to audiences in the rest time.
How a meaningful day!
Can't wait to look forward the next seminar!
See you next time!

Yashu Yang

Thank you for your lecture, Prof.Ccada !

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Hello, everyone!
How are you in this week?
Today, we were so happy to welcome Prof. Ocada,
who gave us very interesting lecture,
titled Community Empowerment Based on Vision.

Prof. Ocada is very inspiring teacher.
He illustrated "vision″with interesting examples by photos and videos,
that was easy to understand for students.
And we all impressed by the speech of Martin Luther King,
which made us more understanding for the importance of vision.
Because "where there is no vision, the people perish.″

After Prof. Ocada' s outstanding lecture, he came to our lab.
We introduced each other
and asked a lot of questions to Prof. Ocada.
Prof. Ocada was very happy to answer our questions
and shared him unique experience to us.


Today, we had the precious opportunity to
learn more about empowerment from Prof. Ocada.
It was really fun, meaningful and pleasure time we shared together.

Yashu Yang

Welcome party for Professor Sally

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How is your day, everyone!
Ours are very meaningful and cool in this summer,
Because today we invited Professor Sally who comes from
--the land of the long white cloud--
New Zealand
to give us a speech.

The title of her speech is " Earthquake effects on older people in New Zealand"
As both China and Japan have suffered from the horrible earthquake like NZ in recent years,
more attention are paid to the post-earthquake traumer and recovery,
After the speech, we held a welcome party for Professor Sally,
during the party,
we share our thoughts and ask some questions we are interested over pizza!


Follwed our lab's custom,
here comes our delicious cake after the party.

Professor Sally,
nice to meet you!
Today we enjoy the great benefit of your instructions concerning the aging research.
Look forward to see you again.

Hello, Everybody,
Do you want to spend meaningful and productive days like us,
Join us!

By Wencan Chen