Summer Camp of Empowerment Lab on 26-27th August

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Hello, everyone! I am Zhao Ruifeng, a second-year Ph.D. student in our Empowerment Science Lab. I'm excited to tell you about the Empowerment Summer Camp in 2023.

We implemented a long-awaited hybrid strategy for the summer program this year. We were delighted to meet Ota sensei, who had traveled all the way from Okayama to Tsukuba to take part in the camp with us. There were also many other guests who were not able to come to the site, but participated in the camp online and had a great time with us.


The Empowerment Action Meeting and the Smile Action Meeting were held on the 26th in that sequence starting at 1:00 p.m. after we had officially welcomed Ota sensei to the Lab. At the beginning of the meeting, Anme sensei greeted everyone, the students introduced themselves, and the teachers and seniors who had joined online provided their recent reports after that. In the lecture part of the meeting, the speakers displayed their professionalism by presenting wonderfully about the topics that had been well prepared. We were impressed by the content of their presentations, and at the same time, we gained a great deal of cutting-edge knowledge from various fields, especially particularly those relating to childcare, and benefited a lot. After the meeting, which continued until 5:00 p.m., everyone who was offline, including the guest of Ota sensei, proceeded to a Chinese restaurant for the evening's dinner. Everyone had a great time playing games, drinking, and talking over the dinner, and it was a very enjoyable and satisfying way to close the first day of camp.


We traveled to the Tsukuba Space Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in Tsukuba City early on August 27, the second day of the camp. During the tour, we followed Anme sensei and paid attention to her explanations. As a result, we learnt a great deal of information that we wouldn't often have access to, which widened our knowledge and deepened our insights. We enjoyed ourselves at the German beer restaurant around midday.


We got to know one another better via this camp, and Ota sensei kindly invited us to come to Okayama, where she lives, for next year's Empowerment Summer Camp. We are looking forward to next year's summer camp!

Online Interaction rating scale (IRS) training was held

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As an integral part of empowerment study, a workshop
has been held in zoom from 10.00- 16.00, 13th, July, 2020.
This workshop is being held in online due to the effects of
pandemic covid-19. The aim of this workshop is to utilize the
‘Interaction rating scale’ (IRS) and was conducted as pre-training
session to improve the skills in real time evaluation in the field.
IRS evaluates the sociability of children and the caregiver’s care
skill in a short time but the accuracy rate is very high.
Along with Tokie Anme sensei, other lecture instructors are
Tanaka sensei and Tomisaki sensei.
First, the greetings and introduction session are being held for
about 15 minutes initially. Emiko Tanaka sensei shared some of
her lectures video with us.
Then after a break, Tanaka sensei gave a brief overview about
observation procedure, sample case of related scene, actual
situation and evaluations using demo videos. She also talked
about behavior rating and impression rating.
After that, discussion session started. We discussed about how
the IRS scale can be used and also used in different countries
to make it more easier for the child development in future.

Farewell party for research students!

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Hi, I'm Li, the M1 student in empowerment lab. The spring is coming, and I hope
that the virus will leave us soon.
Today, we held a farewell party for research students Hu-san, Kaku-san and
Sun-san in our lab. Two of them planned to go back to China to continue their
research life and Sun-san planned to stay in Japan to continue his research.
At the lunch time, we prepared a big beautiful cake and three cute bear cakes
for them. First of all, the research students expressed their thanks and best wishes
to our lab, then they talked about their research plan in future. Last, they hoped
that if there is a chance in the future, they will come back to Japan to learn more
and do more researches. After that, Anme-sensei and other members in lab
gave the best wishes to them and hoped that they can have an excellent and
successful life in the future. Last, we took a warm photo and ate cakes together.
Everyone showed a happy smile.
We believed that 'Departure, perhaps in order to better meet again'. We will not
forget the memory that we studied and researched together.

Farewell party for Becky-san

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Hello Everyone! I`m Li, the M1 student in empowerment sciences lab. How
have you been enjoying your weekend? I hope that you have a good new year
day in this month. The weather has been still cold in these days, please take
care of yourself.
This Monday was an unforgettable and lovely day that I wanted to share with
you! We have a great farewell party for our research students Becky-san
because she will come back to Mongolia to continue her work. We prepared
the delicious food in the morning and also a beautiful farewell gift for Becky-san
which included a delicate cup and a warm blessing letter written by our lab
members. During the party, we have a good communication with each other
about the different language culture in different countries. Then, everyone of us
gave Becky-san our best wishes with words such as empower, healthy, dream,
smile, insist and so on. Last, Anme-sensei presented Becky-san with a special
empowerment T-shirt gift.
Although it is hard to us to say goodbye, it is a new start for Becky-san to empower
the world through her passion and effort. We hope she will go further and higher in her
field of work.

Bonenkai party on December 23th, 2019

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Hello Everyone! I`m Becky, the research student in empowerment sciences lab. I hope you
can take care of yourself and enjoying the last days of this year. I’m very glad to share with
you one of our memorable, lovely event.
The day of December 23th, we held our Bonenkai party in cheerful, warm atmosphere. We
met in the lab, then walked together in the nice weather to head Ali’s Kebab restaurant. I
think it`s a first experience for most of the members in that restaurant.
The party started with greetings from Li san, 1st year Master’s student. Then we ordered
drinks, lassi and oolong tea and did the Kanpai. Mango lassi which is yogurt with mango tasted
very good for me.
Everyone in our lab shared their wishes and purposes for the coming New Year. I hope
all of you can reach your goal.
During the party, we enjoyed the very delicious salad, rice, nan and meat. Rice was very
colorful, it tasted different from rice of Japan. And there were many kinds of meat of
lamb, beef, chicken. It was very delicious. Of course, I want to eat again.
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Lastly, it was time to exchange gifts among each other. All members prepared very
beautiful presents and explained us the meaning of it. We used the lottery with names
on chits and picked up one by one and exchanged our gifts. It was very exciting moment
for everyone to know whose present is yours.
At the end of the party, Anme sensei said she is very proud of our team and wishes
us great accomplishments and success in our study for next year. I hope you all enjoyed
this great day and thank you so much for cooperation. Especially, I want to say big thanks
to Li san for his great efforts.
Wishing you all a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth and laughter!
Happy new year!